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FEATS THAT DEFY ALL COMMON SENSE Lloyd's exploits have drawn the ire of a second-year student named Micona, who challenges him to a little competition to prove which of them is better! And what better venue for Micona to throw down and put Lloyd in his place than the starter dungeon, which, due to some suspicious activity, needs to be investigated anyway? When the dungeon starts pumping out high-level dragons, though, just surviving may be more than they can manage! As Micona searches for better ways to crush her competition, a shadowy figure approaches her, offering forbidden tactics...from Kunlun.


in a back alley stood a man:average height,average builed, getting on in years, his


  • Chapter 1: An Inescapable Suspicion: Suppose You Found Someone Standing Over a Dead Body Holding a Weapon
  • Chapter 2: Instant Regret: Suppose You Hung Out at Work on Your Day Off and Got Roped into Working for Free
  • Chapter 3: A Bout of Wishful Thinking: Suppose You Pretended to Be Lovers...and That Totally Sparked Real Feelings!
  • Chapter 4: Detective in a Pickle: Suppose You Gathered Suspects Without Getting Briefed on the Crime Itself
  • Chapter 5: An Unnatural Explanation: Suppose You Blamed Everything on the Supernatural, Like in Edo-Period Japan