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When she was young, she happened upon one of the items from her father’s odd collections. It was a belt that wrapped around her head, covering half of it and only leaving her eye, mouth, and nose free. Coming from a noble family, they sought ways to remove the belt, but it was fruitless. When she was informed that only someone strong could remove the belt, she began to train and gain strength that later became renowned. She was recruited as a soldier and came to the capital in search of more power.


When she first met Lloyd, she was still under the curse of the belt. It was tightly wound around her head, keeping locks of hair matted and stuck between its coils and masked half of her face. It was something that made her ashamed of her appearance, like an obscenity. It would draw glares and scowls of disgust her way when she did not have it hidden.

When the curse was dispelled, the belt fell slack from her face and revealed her true beauty. She is petite and short with a gentle face. Her eyelashes are thick, and her hair is golden. She cropped her hair short to her shoulders and now wears the belt on her waist.


Being shunned for the curse placed upon her from her youth, she did not develop much of a personality to use interacting with others yet. She was reclusive, keeping her face hidden and words to herself. She even began to fear interaction completely, refusing to disgust others with her mug. She struggled with feeling selfish for wanting to be pretty and to talk to others.

When she first met Lloyd, he showed her kindness and was the first person to do so for a very long time. She instantly developed affections for him, most likely making her feel like she is a human worth of basic respect again. The curse broke, and she became determined, all because of Lloyd's strength. After that, she covets him and his attention. When a girl gets close to Lloyd, she thinks of them as a rival.

Despite her fixation on Lloyd, there are times when has shown an apparent maturity and compassion that goes counter to how she normally acts. One such instance is when she is alone with Lloyd on a boat ride while she looks back on how she felt prior to her meeting with him. Even when she worked to save her father’s life from falling rubble, she told him that Lloyd inspires her and everyone around them to do the best they can, as he doesn’t stop helping others despite his low sense of morality.

Anyone who makes her angry, jealous or furious is in deep trouble, even if Lloyd is not involved. When this happens, Selen begins to have a scary, murderous, bloodthirsty expression, which indicates that Selen has Yandere tendencies. When this occurs, Selen won't stop until the one who made her angry, furious, and jealous is dead in her own hands.


Holy Beast Vritra Hide Belt

The belt that she was once cursed by had turned into an artifact that would protect her from harm.


Lloyd Belladonna: Lloyd was the one who saved her from a monster locust that dwelled in town. Since then, she has be grateful toward him and sort of developed affections toward him. But after successfully removing the cursed belt from her face, she confidently believes that it was because of Lloyd's strength. The next time, they met at the Military Academy, it was shown that she is obsessive toward him, calling him "Lloyd-sama" or “Sir Lloyd”, saying "your Selen" on every sentences. She doesn't like anyone making fun of him and she becomes seriously jealous when a girl is close to Lloyd. Likewise, her belt acts as an extension of her obsessive feelings, strangling others, becoming heart shaped or lashing out mercilessly when she’s overwhelmed with anger.

Riho Flavin: Riho is a friend of Selen, having warmed up to her upon hearing her history surrounding the prosthetic arm she wears. But she turned into a love rival when Rhio had started showing feelings for Lloyd. Still, the two have some respect for each other.

Allan Toin Lidocaine: Selen hates his guts. Even after he changes his personality, she still looks at him with disgust. When she was invited to attend a marriage interview with Allan’s father, Selen subconsciously thought to kill him with nearby cutlery to get out of it. Even when she planned her attack, she quickly stopped when she realized Lloyd agreed to stand in for Allan, having passed out in the hot spring earlier.

Alka: Selen and Alka consider each other love rivals over Lloyd. Unlike Riho, however, her rivalry with Alka started since the day they had met. Selen even goes as far as to use her belt to stop Alka from leaping into Lloyd's arms.


  • The name is derived from Selenium (セレン, seren) and possibly Hemin/Haemin (ヘミン, hemin).
  • Before being released from her curse by Lloyd, she was known as the "Cursed Belt Princess."