Background[edit | edit source]

A female mercenary who has a difficult personality and notorious for using violence against employers she dislikes. She has a good eye when it comes to others, and at a glance notices Lloyd's strength and plans to use his power to make money. She is also known as the "One-Armed Mercenary."

She was raised in a run down orphanage with Rol and had made grand plans to return and fix it up. It is shown as a child her left arm is injured and she received the myth Rol prosthetic from Rol in order to serve Rol’d purpose.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Riho generally gives off an intimidating aura, a sly grin plastered to her face with darkness looming in her eyes, at least when she is not threatened. Her prosthetic arm is of white metal with blue accents. It has decorative wings atop her bicep. It is elegant yet capable of unprecedented damage.

Her frame is slender, and she is unafraid to wear revealing attire. Before donning a military uniform, she wore a simple bralette and shorts with other accessories to not be so bare. Her eyes are soft gold, matching the bow in her black hair. The bow holds her hair up in a ponytail that flows rather messily.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Actively looking for opportunities to make money, Riho is often sizing up anyone and everyone to deem whether or not they can be of use to her. That alone can provoke the question if she is selfish, greedy, and shallow. However, she is undeniably perceptive. Her ability to analyze others made her one of the first to recognize Lloyd's overbearing amount of strength on sight. She immediately feared him and visually compared him to have the prowess of a tiger, causing her to overlook his wholesome nature and innocence and painted him as a brute in her head.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

Riho Flavin (リホフラビン, rihofurabin), a play on the vitamin B2, riboflavin (リボフラビン, ribofurabin).

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