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Marie Azami (マリー・アザミ) is the princess of the Azami Kingdom and the Witch of the East End. She is a supporting character of the series.


She makes a living as the Witch of the East End, creating potions via trading. She was mentored by Alka in the past and still holds fealty to her. She is secretly the princess of Azami named Maria and seeks to learn more about magic, hoping to disband an alleged curse placed on her father. She refuses to return to being royalty until she completes this task.


Marie is very tall. She has amber eyes, peach-pink hair that goes past her hips, and straight bangs covering her eyebrows. She also has silver-rimmed glasses that rest upon the bridge of her nose.

Atop her head is usually a witch-like hat with the number four seemingly etched or embroidered into it. Spanning the base’s circumference of the hat is light wing-like pieces overlapping one another.

Her dress is a dark purple color with lighter shades ruffled down her chest, separated by red frills in the center. The centerpiece of her bust ends in a bow. Her sleeves are loose and drape down to expose lace bracers adorning her wrists. A similar fabric protects her modesty by the low scoop of her neckline. Frills also hem her skirt.

Back when she was still considered a princess and according to a photo of her, she didn't wear glasses.


Marie tends to be naughty and clumsy. She doesn’t cook or clean much, and her home is very disorganized. Though she does not compare Alka to her magical capabilities are respected.

She resents Alka, referring to her as a “loli hag.” She is easily flustered, especially when teased. She is good by nature and wants to maintain peace within the kingdom. She goes as far as to demonstrate this by shirking her royal duties and becoming a witch to learn ways to save others. Alka is the one who helped her through this, but that does not relent the two from butting heads. She also cares a lot about Lloyd. She even went as far as to scold him so that she can stop him from being involved in the kingdom's matters.


The name is derived from Japanese name for Silybum marianum (マリアアザミ, mariaazami) which commonly known as Mary thistle.


Lloyd Belladonna: She's quite protective of him and cares a lot about him. It is hinted that she has feelings for him.

Alka: Marie nicknamed Alka "loli hag" and she resents her because Alka gives her curses for random reasons. Still she


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