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"Suppose the obviously superior contestant wins, but the clearly inferior contestant also wins?" is the sixth episode of Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon anime adaptation.


Knowing that the winner will be given the holy sword as a supplementary prize in the exchange game with Rokujo, Roll declares herself to participate in the game. Colin decides to let Lloyd participate, who was forbidden for the reason of how strong he is. And Colin, who cannot be defeated for some reason, volunteers to teach Riho recovery magic. The ties of each cross and the exchange game finally begins ..


Selen duels Phyllo, but is disqualified when she physically strikes Phyllo. In the next match, Mena tries to use her water magic against Lloyd, but he ultimately wins. Later, Rol removes Riho's prosthetic. Riho then begins chanting a high level water spell, causing Rol to pass out from fear. Rol wakes up furious and learns a witch, who lives with a young man, retrieved the holy sword. Deciding to force the witch to become her ally, she orders Phyllo to take the young man hostage, but Phyllo misunderstands and steals Alka's magic crystal. Lloyd, believing Marie has been kidnapped, rushes to find her. Phyllo demands Lloyd duel her to the death, but he insists they arm wrestle. Lloyd defeats Phyllo, who decides she wants to marry him. Alka appears from her crystal and punishes Rol following an insult. Allan saves Rol from the river and is unintentionally credited with saving the town. Riho visits Rol in hospital and Rol remembers she only became so ambitious because she wanted to help Riho rebuild their failing orphanage. Meanwhile, an unknown magician is revealed to have been manipulating Rol's memories to get the sword so he can defeat the dungeon in Kunlun.