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"Suppose someone told you they’d do anything for you, which you appreciate but you know you should push back?" is the third episode of Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon anime adaptation.


Marie stopped the duel between Lloyd and Allan shortly before. Marie, Chrome Molydenum, and the former master-servant reunited after that. The two begin their activities to stop the mastermind who controls King Thistle and plans to declare war on neighboring Zio. Meanwhile, Selen and Riho visit the witch Marie's shop, known as an information store, for information on finding a princess, but it is another hunter, Lloyd, who welcomes them.


Lloyd mistakenly assumes Marie saved him from Allan. Chrome then confronts Marie, who he recognizes as the missing Princess Maria. Marie reveals that whoever is manipulating her father will likely have him declare war at a summit in three days and requests Chrome's assistance. Selen, searching for Princess Maria, decides to ask Marie for help, only to furiously realize Lloyd lives with her. Just as Marie is about reveal her true identity, Lloyd blurts out his mistaken belief Marie is the hero who saves people in secret. Taking advantage of this, Marie claims he is a weakling. Once Lloyd leaves, Marie asks Selen and Riho for their help. Alka praises Marie for keeping Lloyd out of it, but then punishes her for dropping her magic crystal down a well. Based on information gathered from assassins searching for Marie, Chrome accuses Merthohan of cursing the king, which he admits is true. As Marie, Riho and Selen arrive, the king suddenly reveals he is possessed by Demon Lord Abbadon and he was actually controlling Merthohan. Marie chases after her father, hoping to use one of Lloyd's runes to free him from possession, but he breaks her hand containing the rune.