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"Suppose a majestic lion showed up to the petting section of a zoo and dozed off?" is the second episode of Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon anime adaptation.


Lloyd Belladonna has failed the military academy entrance exam. Although he was very depressed, he decided to take the exam again next year and headed for the "Chrome Dining Room" that he found in the part-time job recruitment. However, Selen, Riho, and Meltfan, who thought that Lloyd could not fall, confirm Lloyd's test answer. There, they find out about his strange ability and start searching for Lloyd Belladonna.


Selen, Riho, and officers Meltfan and Choline are confused as to why Lloyd failed to become a military cadet. It is announced that Princess Maria is still missing. Lloyd gets a job at a café owned by Chrome, an ex-royal guard. Choline discovers Lloyd failed his written test because he wrote ancient runes. Selen decides to find Marie and have Lloyd admitted to the academy as her reward. Lloyd tells Alka and Marie he will work at the café until the next exam. Marie tells Alka that her father, King Azami, is being controlled by someone planning war with the Jiou Empire, but Alka refuses to help as people from Kunlun are too powerful and only provide aid in situations like apocalyptic disasters. Selen gets in a fight with fellow noble student Allan Lidocaine and her cursed belt, which she now wears at her waist, protects her, which she takes as another sign Lloyd is her soulmate. When Lloyd arrives, Selen declares he is her champion and will fight Allan for her. Allan agrees, thinking he can impress the officers. Marie swoops in and steals Lloyd away with wind magic before he can kill Allan by accident.