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"Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town? is the first episode of Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon anime adaptation.


Lloyd Belladonna, a boy who lives in Kunlun village, far away from the city, wants to be like the hero he admired in the story often told in his village. He comes to the royal capital to take the entrance exam for the Azami Kingdom Military Academy. First of all, he visits the village chief's acquaintance, Marie, a witch on the east , and talks about himself, but despite his lack of confidence, all the stories he tells are out of ordinary.


Lloyd lives in Kunlun Village with his grandfather and older brother. Years later, he travels to Azami Kingdom where he will be staying with the East Side Witch, Marie, while he takes the soldier exam. Marie almost refuses until he produces a magic crystal, which summons his village chief, Alka, Marie's former master. Alka tells Marie to look after Lloyd. Marie learns that Lloyd, who considers himself to be weak, is actually very powerful. Lloyd defeats a monster attacking Selen, a young girl with a belt around her head. Selen reveals the belt was cursed onto her as a child and was told only great strength would remove it. However, after meeting Lloyd, the belt simply falls off, causing her to fall in love with him. Before the exam, Riho, an ex-criminal turned military cadet, senses Lloyd is extremely dangerous. Selen shows extreme jealousy when Lloyd talks to Riho. Marie reveals Kunlun is by a still undefeated dungeon containing the most powerful monsters in the country, so while Lloyd is considered weak by people from his village, he is probably one of the strongest humans in the world. After the exam, Lloyd's name is not listed amongst the candidates.