Episode 1 is the first episode of Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon anime adaptation.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Lloyd Belladonna, a boy who lives in Konron village, far away from the city, wants to be like the hero he admired in the story often told in his village. He comes to the royal capital to take the entrance exam for the Azami Kingdom Military Academy. First of all, he visits the village chief's acquaintance, Marie, a witch on the east , and talks about himself, but despite his lack of confidence, all the stories he tells are out of ordinary.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Lloyd got defeated by a rabbit when trying to hunt it, the rabbit laughs Lloyd off due to his supposed weakness. When it flees, Lloyd sheds tears thinking how weak he is and he hears Shoma calling his name. Shoma shows up carrying the rabbit that defeated Lloyd; who is happy that Shoma is back home. The two decided to head back before grandpa gets angry. On their way, they talked about where Shoma had been. Shoma hands a souvenir to Lloyd and Lloyd thanks him.

A few years later Lloyd visits Marie, the witch of East Side, who was busy reading books of spells. Lloyd tries to talk to her but she doesn’t answer his questions. Marie soon reveals that since ancient times witches have granted wishes but at a price. She orders Lloyd to leave unless he is prepared to make a similar sacrifice. Marie asks Lloyd if he is ready, and asks what it is that Lloyd desires that he would sacrifice so much for.

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