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A boy who entered the military academy. The eldest son of the Lidocaine family, who is famous for his martial arts, he is proud of his ability to win many martial arts competitions. Selenium, who is the same local aristocrat as himself but spreads various bad publicity, is a dog monkey friend who thinks about his career in the army first.



Allan is pretentious and looks down on others without intent. He strives to appease those in higher ranks than himself. Appearances and what others think of him are something he holds high value to. He tends to nag and bully Selen ignorantly for her behavior and appearance because of this. He doesn’t want to lump in with the likes of her.

However, his boastful words and attitude are not of ill will. He has good intentions and wishes to set an example for others to follow. His approach to that is flawed, but his eagerness to prove himself to others makes that more than apparent.



The name (アラン・トイン・リドカイン, aran toin ridokain) is derived from Allantoin (アラントイン, arantoin) and Lidocaine (リドカイン, ridokain).